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The latest announcement rolled by Google for every business profile is that it will shut down the chat and call history feature on 31 July 2024.

Alternatives to Google Business Profile Chats & Call Tracking End

Alternatives to Google Business Profile Chats & Call Tracking End


A while ago, Google Podcasts were shut down in favor of YouTube Music’s podcast integration.
It won't be wrong to say that the graveyard of Google is getting bigger and bigger every year and now this is the news again - Update on Google Business profile ending chat & call history from 31 July 2024. This decision was circulated by sending emails to businesses. This is a bad sign for business owners because they won't be able to track the call history & cannot use chat features after 31 July.

So here are the options for the same, businesses relying on this specific chat & call history features can easily switch and consider alternative chat channels and call tracking solutions to continue conversations with their customers. 

Google Business profile chats & call history ending? Alternates available!

1. Use the Email facility

Get a custom email at your domain and let your customers know that you will be available on this email ID 24×7 where they can write to anything and everything they have in their mind about your product or service in the form of support and inquiries.

But while doing so, you have to make sure that your email address is highlighted on your Business profile and your website. The best part is that you can communicate more often with customers at no additional cost. Also, when you are up with discounts or special offers, you can do so without getting into the printing or extra media costs.

2. Offer the facility of a Phone line

Offering a dedicated phone line to your potential customers for all those support and inquiries can serve some great benefits such as – When customers call your business they will directly be led to the dedicated line that is solely focused on addressing their needs that too instantly.
Another best thing you can get is that dedicated business phone line is the ability to track and analyze call data. So, yes don’t stress the fact that now you won’t be able to chat with your customers, you can always set up a virtual phone system and have a word with them directly.

3. Social media – A go-to option

Businesses can grow revenue in between 4 to 8% when prioritizing better customer service, so here you can take the lead by utilizing these platforms to address every query while offering the best support.
Interacting with customers via the chat feature available on social media platforms creates a more personal connection between the brand and the customer, leading to stronger relationships and this can also lead to more website visits if you want by just implementing our SEO services. 

4. Live Chat on the Website

This facility will help you connect with your customers in real-time. Live chat support is commonly used to offer instant customer support and answer customer queries promptly. Apart from better user response, a business can also enjoy great ROI if the live chat is executed properly on the website.

5. Utilize the Q&A Feature on Google My Business

This is one quick and effective practice that will replace the need for Profile chat, where you can directly put the relevant question and answer regarding your product or services as this will create a sense of faster communication among your customers.

6. WhatsApp integration on the website

Integrate WhatsApp on the website so customers can directly connect and initiate a conversation just like Google My Business chat feature. Using WhatsApp you will get the best speed with which you can respond to queries significantly by enhancing customer satisfaction. It’s about turning a potential frustration (waiting for a response) into a delightful experience, that’s it!

7. Utilise call tracking solution

The ending of call history on Google Business Profiles will impact the most to small businesses because this facility used to be free for them and provided valuable acknowledgments along with the leads. So it becomes necessary for them to keep track of calls their business used to get and to do that there is a better option than a call tracking solution. So this is how a call-tracking solution works;
When a customer calls you using GMB listing, a call tracking solution will identify the call, capture the other details such as caller’s phone number, name, location, and device, and connect that data directly to their call experience and conversation with your business, by understanding if the call was answered or not.


The recent discontinuation update of Google Business Profile chat and call history features presented a challenge for businesses, but don’t worry we have got you covered because we have multiple ways for you that connect you with your potential customers easily. Let’s discuss these options in detail and deliver a smoother experience.

Bhumika Rachh

Bhumika Rachh is a certified digital marketing, digital PR, and SEO expert from India. She is the co-founder of HB Softweb Branding Agency, specializing in offering result-oriented paid marketing, UI/UX, Web Development and SEO campaigns for B2B and B2C companies. With 8 years of experience, Bhumika excels at generating leads and enhancing online visibility for businesses across various sectors.