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Elementor 3.20: Excellent performance improvement on website

“Elementor 3.20 proving to be the parameter of success for your website”.
Elementor 3.20: Excellent performance improvement on website


Google says speed counts, well now is the high time to listen to what Google says.
Research says that 46% of visitors will not revisit the slow-performing website. ( And we guess it is huge).
What to do now? Shift your focus a bit from a satisfied search intent with great content, top-level on-page SEO tactics and quality backlinks.
And turn towards a very easy and straightforward small steps that really can improve the experience of your visitors, and yes here we are talking about the latest update Elementor has came up with which is Elementor 3.20.
Come and let us look around to its resilient features.
The features of Elementor 3.20 that are making this upgraded version the talk of the town :

1. It connects multiple conditions using the OR connector

2. It sets display conditions according to the native WordPress custom fields.

3. It significantly improves the performance of your website.

4. Improves TTFB(Time to first byte) by 5%.

5. Lastly, it will drop down the DOM output of containers so that a clean layout is built with highest performance. 

This is not it! There is lot coming your way. 

Source – LoadStorm, Econsultancy.

How Elementor 3.20 is beneficial to SEO?

Indeed the faster loading websites are favored by search engines only because they offer a smoother experience for users.
You have no idea what one fast website can do for your business on search engines.
To your surprise, some countries in the world operate the internet at only 1.79MBPS ( Whereas an ideal internet speed ranges from 100 to 200MBPS), in such scenarios as well the faster website will do a wonderful job.

Apart from see how Elementor 3.20 is favoring you and your website with SEO. Let us understand how, 

1. This latest 3.20 version will improve the speed of your page x5 faster.

2. Faster websites create a smooth experience for visitors and Google will rank those sites higher than slower loading ones, all thanks to Elementor 3.20. 

Remember : A 1-second delay in page load will lead to a loss of $1.6 billion annually even to companies like Amazon.

How do you improve the speed performance of your website with Elementor 3.20?

Come, let us understand how to upgrade to Elementor version 3.20
improve performance of website with Elementor 3.20
improve performance of website with Elementor 3.20

Change the setting from default to “ACTIVE” in all the above features except the feature “Built with AI” and the version will be upgraded to version 3.20.

Why Website owners should move to WordPress Elementor now

Speed sells. Because customers/visitors hate waiting. 

Fast matters, especially when it comes to servicing a customer. It’s the reason why fast food became a mealtime staple, it’s the reason Amazon Prime succeeds with immediate shipping, and it’s the reason why your business is always there in customer’s mind.

It is as easy as this, the faster your website the better conversion rates you will enjoy. 

It is the high-time now that the website owners look into the matter and shift towards the WordPress Elementor along with its latest version 3.20.

How will businesses benefit from the same? 

An important corner :   

Let us see how an average page speed also varies from industry to industry along with user to user : 


A lot of people are just waking up to the realization that faster-loading websites can have the power to break or make their businesses at large. Sad but true.

Starting from improving your websites performance to providing enhancements in display conditions features & accessibility Elementor proved that customization, flexibility and performance can be achivred easily and conveniently.

If you still are wondering whether to update Elementor to 3.20 version remember “You won’t get a second chance to impress first-time visitors so all you have is now”. 

Parth Rachh

With over 13 years experience in the design and development, Parth Rachh is a skilled Tech Consultant helping businesses create beautiful and functional websites and software solutions using the latest technologies. Whether it’s designing intuitive interfaces or building custom solutions with React, WordPress, or Laravel, he is passionate about empowering users with seamless digital experiences.